Getting your annual wellness exam is a great way to get established with a healthcare provider and to build a relationship so that when you are sick, you have a provider to turn to. An annual wellness exam is an important part of chronic disease prevention. If we can prevent illnesses, or at least catch them in an early stage, recovery and costs to the patient go down substantially. Each year your insurance company provides a free physical with routine screening labs for each person listed on the policy.

Wellness exams also include well child visits for your children. In addition to well child exams, children who are entering preschool, kindergarten, and sixth grade are required to have a physical for all public schools. Children in middle school and high school who are participating in sports are also required to have a sports physical prior to starting practice. 

We offer well visits by appointment only, meaning you get in and out of the office quickly. If you don’t have insurance, or your child needs a physical and they have already had their annual exam, we can still do a physical for a very low price.